The indexer scans your project directory and records meta-information about classes and functions in your project.

The indexer only required for some features (such as Jump to Implementation).

Building the index

It will be automatically enabled when used with the language server but can also be used with RPC if run manually.

Build index and watch for changes

$ phpactor index:build --watch

Build from scratch

$ phpactor index:build --reset

The index is built automatically on LS initialize and subsequently updated as necessary.

You can however force a reindex:

Build from scratch:

:CocCommand phpactor.reindex

Make a request to indexer/reindex.


File watchers are used to keep the index up-to-date.

The type of watcher used depends on your system. Currently the following watchers will be used, in order of priority:

  1. inotifywait: Linux only, react immediately[1] to file changes.

  2. find: Linux/Mac/POSIX Poll the system for changes every 5 seconds.

  3. php: Any system: Poll system using PHP (slow) every 5 seconds.

To contribute to the available watchers see amp-fswatch.

If you want to find out which watcher your system is using, enable logging.

Querying from the CLI

You can query the index from the CLI:

$ phpactor index:query "Symfony\\Component\\Console\\Output\\OutputInterface"
$ phpactor index:query "sprintf"
$ phpactor index:query "method#createFoobar"
$ phpactor index:query "property#createFoobar"
$ phpactor index:query "constant#createFoobar"

Note that this information is primarily intended for the indexer and is not yet intended to provide a true “querying” facility.


List the possible configuration options with phpactor config:dump | grep indexer, explanations of some important ones:

  • indexer.enabled_watchers: List of watchers to enable (e.g. inotify, find).

  • indexer.include_patterns: List of glob patterns to include

  • indexer.exclude_patterns: List of glob patterns to exclude

  • indexer.poll_time: Poll time used for polling watchers (e.g. find, php

  • indexer.buffer_time: Time to wait to collect batch messages from “realtime” watchers (e.g. inotify)


Inotify: Why isn’t inotifywait used when I’m on Linux?

It may not be installed, on Debian/Ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install inotify-tools

Inotify: inotify limit reached

The default number of watchers is quite low by default, try increasing the number of watchers:

$ sudo sysctl fs.inotify.max_user_watches=100000

Note this still may not be sufficient, so increase as necessary, make the change permanent by writing to /etc/sysctl.conf