Phpactor requires PHP 8.1.

PHAR Installation

You can download phpactor.phar as follows:

$ curl -Lo phpactor.phar

Then make it executable and symlink it somewhere in your PATH:

$ chmod a+x phpactor.phar
$ mv phpactor.phar ~/.local/bin/phpactor

Manual Installation

You can checkout the project and then create a symlink.

$ cd ~/home/you/somewhere
$ git clone
$ cd phpactor
$ composer install
$ cd /usr/local/bin
$ sudo ln -s ~/your/projects/phpactor/bin/phpactor phpactor

This is the best approach for bleeding edge and local development.

Arch Linux (AUR)

Also available in the AUR:

$ yay -S phpactor


Phpactor is avialable in NixOS.

$ nix-shell -p phpactor

Health Check

Phpactor works best when used with Composer, and is slightly better when used with Git.

Check support using the status command:

$ phpactor status
✔ Composer detected - faster class location and more features!
✔ Git detected - enables faster refactorings in your repository scope!