Phpactor Documentation

Phpactor uses Sphinx (RST) for documentation.

Docs are located in the docs.

A useful primer on RST can be found here.

$ apt-get install python3-sphinx
$ pip install sphinx-tabs

You can then build the docs with:

make sphinx

Or, to watch for changes (requires inotifywait):

make sphinxwatch

VIM Help

The VIM plugin is documented in the generated doc/phpactor.txt file using vimdoc.

In order to add documentation just annotate properties / methods with comments, for example:

" Extract the selected expression and assign it to a variable before
command! -buffer -range=% PhpactorExtractExpression call phpactor#ExtractExpression('v')

See vimdoc for more information.

Use the following command to both install vimdoc and build the documentation:

make vimdoc