Configuration files are loaded from your current directory, and then from the XDG standard user and system directories, for example:

  • /home/daniel/www/phpactor/phpactor/.phpactor.yml

  • /home/daniel/.config/phpactor/phpactor.yml

  • /etc/xdg/phpactor/phpactor.yml

Phpactor will merge configuration files, with more specific configurations overriding the less specific ones.

Config Dump

Use the config:dump command to show the currently loaded configuration files and all of the current settings:

$ phpactor config:dump
Config files:
 [] /home/daniel/workspace/myproject/.phpactor.yml
 [] /home/daniel/.config/phpactor/phpactor.yml
 [𐄂] /etc/xdg/phpactor/phpactor.yml


 # ... etc

File Paths

Configured file paths can make use of some special tokens, for example %cache%/foobar will expand to /home/user/.cache/phpactor/foobar:

  • %cache%: The absolute path to the phpactor cache dir (e.g. /home/user/.cache/phpactor).

  • %project_root%: Will expand to the project root (e.g. the current working directory or the value provided by --working-dir).

  • %config%: The path to Phpactor’s config dir (e.g. /home/user/.config/phpactor).

  • %application_root%: The path to Phpactor’s own root directory.


See: Configuration