Experimental functionality with FZF and BAT depends on:

In addition FZF support requires the FZF VIM plugin:


FZF Choice Selection

Some refactorings will allow you to select multiple entires (for example override method.

FZF provides a fuzzy search interface and the possiblity to select multiple entries at once.

Use <tab> to toggle selection and CTRL-A/CTRL-D to select all/select none.

See the Fzf documentation for more details.

Enable this feature by configuring FZF as the inputlist strategy in your `.vimrc’:

let g:phpactorInputListStrategy = 'phpactor#input#list#fzf'

FZF Qucikfix with BAT preview

The VIM quickfix list is used to navigate through a set of references (where a reference is a file / character position).

The FZF strategy provides a layer on top this to allow you to efficiently filter, preview and select only those entries you want to navigate to to the quickfix list.

Enable it as follows:

let g:phpactorQuickfixStrategy = 'phpactor#quickfix#fzf'